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Pidney & His Wife Janet

“Each day we touch the earth and leave a small part of ourselves behind for those who come after us to find.  I have chosen to leave the very best I can.”

 Many people like to draw and doodle while talking on the phone or in their spare time, but few are blessed with the skills and ability to create drawings with such detail.  However, for Artist Roger (Pidney) Davidson drawing has become an opportunity to create beautiful life like drawings and through his art touch the lives of many.

 Pidney grew up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and from an early age knew that someday he would make his living as an artist.  “I can remember lying in the darkness of that back room where I slept as a boy with dreams that someday I would be able to draw or paint something that somebody would really like.”

 He released his first limited edition print in January 1993 and his dream of making his living through his art began. Many other prints have followed and he has expanded his work into other areas.

 People often ask how long a drawing takes and his answer is, “As long as it takes to get it right and that can vary greatly.”  The one thing that never varies in his work is his commitment to excellence.  “When you see my work, it will truly be the best I can give.”


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